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Computer listings of subjects and authors
Family History Search $30.00 per hour
Newspaper Search $30.00 per hour
Local Studies Search $30.00 per hour
Sale of withdrawn items from the collection

$1.50 per item

$3.00 for 3 items

Public Fax - to send $1.50 per page
Interlibrary Loan request PLUS lending Institution's charges $6.00 per item
Photocopy - black & white - A3 $0.40 per page
Photocopy - colour - A3 $3.00 per page
Photocopy - black & white - A4 $0.20 per page
Photocopy - colour - A4 $1.50 per sheet
Print out from reader / printer - Local Studies $0.20 per page
Scanning $0.20 per page (maximum 10 pages)
Email - Staff Assistance $1.50 per email
Reservations $1.00 per item
Replacement of plastic cover (damaged items) $5.00 per book
Lost or damaged items Cost of item + $10 Administration fee
Temporary member deposit (refundable) $50.00 per member
Replacement of item barcode / RFID tags $5.00 per item
Library Bags $3.50 per bag
Purchase of earbuds $2.00 per pair
Attendance by the Public @ events organised by Council Entry fee varies depending on the event.
3D Printing  
Community / Private / Student Use $1.50 per 10 minutes
Commercial / Business Use $3.00 per 10 minutes
3D Printer and design software training $25.00 per hour
Site visits $30.00 per hour
Computer/Internet usage
Public computer access (Non library members) $2.00 per hour
Internet Training
Introductory Internet Training $30.00 per hour
Advanced Internet Training $30.00 per hour
Email, Social networking $30.00 per hour
Meeting Room Hire (Nowra Library)
Regular Non profit Organisations/Community $5.00 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
$40.00 per full day (8 hours)
Casual Non profit Organisations/Community $7.50 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
$60.00 per full day (8 hours)
Commercial/Business $10.00 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
$80.00 per full day (8 hours)
Equipment Hire
TV, DVD, Conference Phone $8.50 per item
Additional Cleaning Fee Price on Application
Key Replacement Fee $25.00 per key
Key Bond (Refundable) $50.00 per key
Replacement of Lost Borrowers Card
Replacement of library membership card $5.00 per card
Word Processing
Purchase of memory stick $10.00 per stick

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Sanctuary Point Library

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All over the Shoalhaven
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Nowra Library

10 Berry Street, Nowra
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Ulladulla Library

Ulladulla Civic Centre , Princes Highway
Web: Ulladulla Library
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Milton Library

Old Town Hall, Princes Highway
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