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What is the Digital Library?

 The Shoalhaven Libraries Digital Library is your library away from the library. We have a great range of digital books, audio books, magazines, and databases for use at home. Our digital library is available on your PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone. Shoalhaven Libraries' apps and digital resources are free for library members.

What do I need?

To access the Digital Library, you'll need is a valid Shoalhaven Libraries membership and a PC, Mac, Apple, Windows or Android device. To become a member, visit one of our branches, or click here to join online. Can't get into the library? Become a Digital Member. You'll receive a Digital Membership number, which will give you access to all of our online resources and apps.

What if I am asked for a PIN?

All Shoalhaven Libraries' members are given a default library PIN when joining. This PIN is your date of birth. For example, if your birthday is 14 June 1972 your default PIN will be 14061972. We strongly recommend that you log into our library catalogue and change your default PIN.  Please contact your local library branch if you require assistance with your PIN. 

I need more help!

If you have read our guides and are still having trouble using our Digital Library, please contact your local library branch.

Nowra Library provides a quick walk-in 5-10 minute troubleshooting service called Tech Tuesday. This service is available every Tuesday between 9.30am-5pm so if you're having problems with any of our apps, bring your device into Nowra Library and a staff member will be able to assist you (no booking necessary).

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